Eve Annunziato

About Eve Annunziato February 13, 2008

Eve Annunziato, a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, first worked in one of the largest TV markets in Philly while as an honor student. Eve then went on to graduate from Neumann University at the top of her class earning her degrees in Journalism, Communications and English. Although Eve spent the first two years behind the scenes as a producer, production assistant, and at times, professional coffee maker, she finally made it “on the air.” Eve’s first television reporting job was at the NBC affiliate in Greenville, North Carolina. After only a year-and-a-half, she was promoted to a top CBS rated affiliate known for its news excellence, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.   There she worked as a reporter and was awarded her first Regional Emmy before being promoted into news management.   It was at this point where Eve started a career in leadership while managing the day-to-day operations of a fast paced newsroom.

Cape is where she met her husband, meteorologist Charlie Neese.  But, a few years after they walked down the aisle, Eve was expecting their first child and a career change was in the making.  Soon after, Eve’s fast growing church, La Croix UMC, hired her to direct and produce Sunday worship services and start or rebuild volunteer teams and manage its Creative Arts and First Impressions ministries.   Eve assisted in structuring, building, creating, connecting and leading volunteer Video, Drama, Creative and Technical Teams just to name a few.  Eve says that God surrounded her with this amazing and loving church staff during an exciting season of her life. She claims that her TV experience helped prepare her for the challenges, adventures, and obstacles of church ministry and managing volunteers!

Then, in 1999, Eve and Charlie moved to Charlie’s hometown of Nashville, TN, to fulfill his dream of working as a meteorologist for NewsChannel 5, the local CBS affiliate.  Eve continued her roll in management as the Creative Arts Director at a Nashville mega church.  Recently, Eve spent the past several years at her fast growing home church, Cross Point Community, where she has worn many hats as both a Volunteer Leader and Staff Member.  Eve was in charge of building, structuring and managing dozens of teams and connecting hundreds of volunteers in the Programming Department, First Impression area, Care-Giving Ministry and Family Worship Service (FX LIVE).  Eve and Charlie have been with Cross Point since it’s inception in the fall of 2002.  Eve says that watching God build this amazing church, of now over 3,000 people spread out among four campuses, has been quite inspiring.  Both Charlie and Eve feel so immensely blessed to have a wonderful and supportive church family that puts an emphasis on building authentic relationships.  Her church is an incredible community of Christ followers radically devoted to Christ and truly committed to bringing lost people into His kingdom. Cross Point is not only Eve’s house of worship, but also her home!

Lately, Eve has taken on yet another new role by joining the Executive Team at Mercy Ministries as Executive Director of Communications while also finding time to work as a freelance TV reporter and producer.  Mercy is a christian based rehabilitation center for girls ages 13-28 suffering from physical and sexual abuse, including victims of sex trafficking, unplanned pregnancies usually from rape or incest, and many other sad situations. Currently, she has help launched an end sex trafficking initiative where she hopes to build partnerships so together we can end sex trafficking here in the U.S. one victim at a time. She’s both humbled and honored to turn yet another ministry chapter in serving Him with all her heart and soul. Eve’s passionate about leading well and giving ministry all she’s got!  

Her family currently resides near downtown Nashville.  They enjoy the pedestrian lifestyle and walking everywhere including to get their morning cup of Joe!   Eve most enjoys reading, Yoga, the theater,  good food, red wine, anything paisley or plaid (can you say 80’s girl!), a relaxing cup of coffee, building healthy relationships and loves most of all spending quality time with good friends and family especially with her husband, Charlie, son, Gentry, and daughter, Oharah (Her guilty pleasure is watching hours of Cake Boss)!

Contact Eve at:   Eannunziato@mercyministries.com


8 Responses to “About Eve Annunziato”

  1. I’m enjoying your blog Eve! Delegation is a great topic and applicable to everyone, everywhere!

  2. Rex Rowland Says:

    Love your blog. Check your email Eve. Hey Charlie. Rex

  3. Hey Rex, it’s sooo great to hear for you. I sent you a long email back – check it out! Miss ya!!!!

  4. saratoga springs Says:

    congrats, remember u and Lori from Upper Darby summer stage era.

  5. jim beise Says:

    hey Eve! found you! how are you all doing? what are you cultivating? let’s talk soon.


  6. Julie Tipton Says:

    A hello from a past St. Andrew’s Players (Annie Get your Gun) and Upper Darby Summer Stage theater friend! Decided to look you up and glad I found you and that you are having such a wonderful life! I really enjoyed seeing pictures of you and your family. I have often thought of you through the years.

  7. Glad to see that you and the family are still helping build the kingdom. My wife and I met you guys while playing a gig at La Croix UMC with Toni & Brian Becker, from Poplar Bluff, MO. I am Toni’s bass player/vocalist. I remember we all went to lunch after church that day where I spent several hours talking weather with Charlie as I am an avid storm chaser. Just wanted to say Hi and keep up the good work. We sure miss you guys on KFVS12. God Bless.

    • Thanks for your kind works, Steve. I remember your family and that lunch like it was yesterday. And do you believe it was almost eleven years ago! Wow, where does the time go?! Thanks again for commenting. Hope you’re doing well! By the way, Dianne Becker and I are still dear friends and she comes to stay with us a few times a year! Another family I love!

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