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I know, I know…. this isn’t the first time we’ve talked about this subject here on my blog.  But, thought you might need a reminder like I did about prioritizing the right people in your life  – especially this time of year!

My sweet, dear, selfless friend, Linds asked me to guest blog to discuss pruning your relationships.  And, when Lindsey Nobles asks you to do something, well, you don’t hesitate!  None-the-less, after pondering the topic, I thought about the last time Lindsey shared my views about this exact subject right here, and honestly it was rather controversial.  And much to my chagrin, many folks frankly took what I was saying out of context.  So I decided this post would take a more positive point of view.  But first, I will respond to the naysayers from that last post: it’s NEVER EVER healthy to surround yourself with draining, negative people who bring you down and make you depressed – even if you’re a Christ follower.  However, we must graciously pray, love, forgive ALL people, including the crazies – but from a distance 🙂

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