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My Fabulous New Ministry Venture! August 12, 2010

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Dear Amazing and Wonderful Friends and Family,

I have some very exciting news to tell you about concerning my next chapter of ministry.  In one week I’ll be joining the team at Mercy Ministries.  I have the blessing of Pastor Pete and the entire Cross Point Leadership Team as they are supporting God’s next calling on my new journey!

For those who are not familiar – yet 😉  Mercy Ministries  is a non-profit  Christian based rehabilitation center for girls ages 13-28 suffering from physical and sexual abuse, sex trafficking, unplanned pregnancies usually from rape or incest, and many other sad situations.  I start Aug. 18 on their Management Team as Church Relations Director.  I’m thrilled and joy-filled about my next ministry trek.

Although I’m extremely honored about this venture, I am quite sad to leave my CP staff family.  In addition,  I will certainly miss leading a terrific Family Experience Worship Service (FX LIVE) and working with my awesome volunteers on a daily basis!   I’ve been so humbled and privileged to take part in helping to teach the precious hearts of our children and helping to bring kids and parents together to worship God and learn about His word.  I will continue to participate as a volunteer leader for FX and fight for this mission that I’m still immensely passionate about.  Consequently, this is not good-bye to CP as I’ll continue to go wherever and do whatever they need.  In my heart, CP is the best church to serve on the planet 🙂  Charlie will continue to serve on the CP Elder Board for many more years. Additionally, he’ll continue to be the FX Host each month at our Bellevue campus, therefore, we get to serve together as a family which always makes my heart smile as Oharah would say!  

We’ve been at this wonderful community since day one and I plan to have that place hold my funeral  – 50 years from now!  In other words, CP  can’t get rid of me that easily 🙂

In the meantime, continue to lift me up in prayer during this transition.

Much love and many blessings to all!


14 Responses to “My Fabulous New Ministry Venture!”

  1. So excited for you, friend. I love you lots! You are going to be such an asset to Mercy. Sweet CeCe’s soon…

  2. Eliza Says:

    So happy for you and can’t wait to see what God does through you at Mercy Ministries! What an exciting opportunity. You are going to be amazing. “Take your candle, go light your world…..” 😉

    • Thanks, Eliza. You and the rest of our amazing mom’s in our community group have been such a light for me, personally. I love each of you and love what God is doing in all of our lives. Each of you are such Godly women, mentors and an incredible inspiration to me. Go Beth!!!!!!

  3. Eve,

    What an exciting, yet challenging venture. God’s blessings in your new endeavors. Way, way cool!

    • Thanks, Michelle. I always love hearing from you. I hope all is well in your ministry world. We need to connect again with Leading and Loving It. Are you going to Catalyst? If so, let’s connect!!!! Thanks again for your kind words.

  4. I am so proud of you! I’ll be praying for this new adventure for you and your family. We sure are going to miss seeing you around our campus though!

    • I miss you and the rest of the CP staff gang more than words!! I already miss your faces 🙂 I love each of you and I’m so blown away by all of the immense support from you and the others. Wow, do we have the best church or what? Thanks for your well wishes, Blake!!

  5. Beth Luca Says:

    Congratulations Eve! What an amazing ministry opportunity! Your passion for reaching people for His kingdom is inspiring and contageous and your love for others is authentic. It’s no surprise to me that God would move you to a place where the hurts run so deep and the walls of self protection are built so high that it really does take supernatural love to break through and heal the girls/women, as you truly do have a unique gift for making others feel comfortable, valued and loved and your words of encouragement are going to be like healing waters over the girls you work with. My prayer for you is that you go into that place and re-ignite the fires of others who work there, passionately pursue the will of God, and lead fearlessly, so that every person who comes in contact with you will see God glorified and know that they are loved. I’m so happy for you. God is going to do amazing thing through you!

    • WOW, Beth, your words of support just FIRE ME UP and are most encouraging. Thanks for taking the time to send such beautiful thoughts my way right now. God knew I really needed to hear them. Thanks for being so faithful and obedient all for His glory. I love you and your heart. Thanks again!!

  6. shawna Says:

    This is spectacular news! You are going to be a tremendous asset to that ministry team at Mercy Ministries!

  7. Jason Says:

    I wondered where you had gone! Mercy Ministries is such a great organization that changes so many lives. Congratulations on this blessed move and all the wonderful women whose lives will be changed for the better because you’re there.

    • Aww, thanks so much, Jason. Your kind words mean so much. I feel really blessed being at Mercy…and, I already feel like MY life has been changed as a result of me being there and the amazing girls I’m meeting. My true heroes 🙂

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