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Let me ask you a question.  Have you ever meet a woman who you would describe as the following:  Jealous, overly ambitions, overly driven and overly manipulative? Know some women who always compare, compete and convent others in an effort to mask insecurities? How about one who harbors a ton of pride – conceited, cocky and overconfident!

Don’t you despise those types of girls?  Unfortunately, most women, maybe even you – probably have or still exhibit some of the above vices.  I honestly, could use many of those degrading descriptions to define myself in my early 20’s. Here’s an example: I was a 22-year-old punk and the year was – well, that’s not important ;-) I was pompous, arrogant and down right haughty. Some of you who know me are thinking,  “And you’ve changed how, Eve?”  Trust me, I’ve come a long way!

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2 Responses to “WOMEN AGAINST WOMEN – WHY?”

  1. AHHHH…..you left me hangin….. LOL

    On my way to Cultivate Her……… ❤

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