Eve Annunziato

I’M MORTIFIED December 15, 2008

I’m so incredibly mortified.  Yesterday, I received a letter from Soles4Souls thanking me for a donation I made weeks ago.  I looked at the receipt and next to the amount received; it stated a whopping $5.00. Quite frankly, I’m convicted and thoroughly embarrassed to realize that I only purchased one pair of shoes in my effort to “Change the World one Pair at a Time” for people in desperate need. Seriously? I mean, what the heck was I thinking  – or what was I not thinking?!

Let me explain, since that quick on-line gift, I’ve been Christmas shopping – purchasing a ton of presents for all of my family.  In fact, I refuse to even admit how much cash I’ve spent this year buying stuff. Honestly, the amount is obscene and an outright outrage.  Just to give you an idea, I purchased each of my kids three new pairs of shoes to go under the tree. I’m saddened when I really think of what I’ve done, in spite of the fact that I said I would NEVER conform to commercialism or searching for the “must have” toys.  Sure, each year my children have to choose three Christmas gifts to donate to charity.  Sure, years ago they reluctantly gave from their own toy stash, sometimes while holding back tears.  Now, much to my delight, they look forward, appreciate and enjoy the “giving” process. Sure, we throw Jesus a big birthday bash each Christmas morning and we read the Christmas Bible story.  Sure, they know Santa is just a fun, jolly character yet the focus is the birth of Christ – all in my effort to teach them the true reason for the season.  But, let’s face it, often times a ton of presents trump meaningful tradition.

I asked myself, “Why did I spend so much money on my precious children?”  My answer, “Because I love them with all of my being and want to bring them joy, happiness, security and give them ALL the desires of their heart.”  Oh brother, WHAT a load of crap!  A sense of entitlement is overrated and unhealthy!  Since when did material items equal LOVE?  Since when did showing my deepest gratitude for my two greatest blessings mean buying them everything they wish for and more?  Ahhhhh – NEVER!  I have news for you guys; God loves each and every one of us with all of His might – REGARDLESS.  He loves every single child born into the Free World or born in the muddy shacks of the 3rd World.  God knows every hair on every head and every tear we each shed apart from our socioeconomic destiny.   He cares about every child unequivocally  – those born into privilege, and those starving to death.  Therefore, American privilege doesn’t equal God’s unconditional love nor His promise for eternal perfection.

I challenge all of my readers to donate here today.  Join me as I head back on-line to help provide shoes for people, not so they have the perfect color and style to match their new dress in an effort to make the perfect fashion statement, rather to provide shoes to fit on their BARE FEET! Thank you Anne Jackson and the other Soles4Souls innovators for helping to keep our SOLES sturdily grounded and our SOULS truly deeply joy-filled.


6 Responses to “I’M MORTIFIED”

  1. fullofboys Says:

    I hate to admit this but I have not donated yet. I keep telling myself I will do it with the remainder of our budgeted Christmas money…then I tell myself I will do it in lieu of gifts for some people…I then I just keep putting it off. You totally convicted me today. I need that! I will be visiting them today.

  2. Kim Says:

    Awesome blog! can I post this to my Facebook. I do PR for Soles4Souls

    Thank you!!

  3. @Anne, love ya back!!

    @Jenn, Ah, that makes me happy!!

    @Kim, you bet! Post away!!!!!! Anyway, I can help!

  4. I think that God is teaching me a great lesson this year. My husband got laid off from his job two months ago. My salary has already been cut once and is drastically being cut at the begining of next month. We have cut back to the point that we are celebrating very little giving this year….only a few young children in our family. God is redirecting me to what Christmas is about. What a wonderful lesson.

  5. @Ladybird, First, I’ll be praying for both of your job situations.

    Second, a difficult way to learn an important lesson, but your story inspires me to really get with the program. Thanks for sharing, and keep us posted.

    And, your mom’s lesson from your last comment – ROCKS!!! I love, love, love it!!

    By the way, your picture is beautiful – you’re looking hot!!!!

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