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LET IT GO ALREADY! October 16, 2008

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Okay, I’m sitting in bed all covered up and toasty about to dive into a great book while Chuck, my sweet husband is doing bath, book and bed with the kids (God bless that boy!).  Yet, something weighs heavy on my heart – I keep hearing the words, LET IT GO ALREADY!  Did you ever feel like some people around you just need to hear that!  Okay, maybe not just “some people,” perhaps your own spirit, maybe my own soul.

Recently, Charlie and I returned from what we both agreed was one of our best vacations, ever.  I feel somewhat guilty admitting that, since it was just the two of us.  No kids, no family, no other friends.  Don’t get me wrong; I love all of the above  – spending invaluable time with our priceless loved ones.  It’s special, it’s a blast, and I appreciate quality time with friends and family.  However, there’s nothing better than connecting with my best friend in the whole wide world.  And, he loves me  (that’s a miracle in itself!).  We had five blissful days of non-scheduled time filled with indulgences of seafood, hot tubing, shopping and lots more ;-).  We got along swimmingly while enjoying our beautiful condo on the beach overlooking the picturesque Gulf located just above an amazing pool that served drinks with umbrellas!  One night, we decided to go surfing with the dolphins amidst a sunset cruise. I know, I’m a hopeless romantic – I can’t help it, but it sounded breathtaking.  And, it was truly amazing as we marveled over these entertaining dolphins joining us for the journey while riding our wake.  These precious mammals are known for their need for affection, love for attention (no wonder I relate!) coupled with great senses of humor and people-pleasing instincts (again, my esteem for these adorable guys is all making sense now!).

The most memorable part of the cruise was the profound words from our philosophical captain, the point of this post.  As the sun was setting, he encouraged us to hold on to our spouse, enjoy the moment, clear our minds, take a deep breath, appreciate the picture, live in the present and then said these exact words:

“As the sun is setting from the west above the gleaming ocean and as it disappears from our sight remember, this day will never return.  It’s gone forever.  Therefore, forget any negative feelings you harbor in your heart.  Let your fears, anger, bitterness, sadness, disappointments, failures, and regrets disappear with this very sunset.”

“Amen,” I exclaimed from the top deck. Sure, I got some looks, but his words inspired me – enough to journal this exact moment.   After all, like the sunset, all past circumstances are out of our control – evaporated into the night vanished onto the bottom of the ocean floor.   I’ll always view every sunset in this light.  Try it guys  – with every completion to the day, let it go.  A much needed reminder, following the conclusion of today.  Let it go already, and if not for you for the others around you!


12 Responses to “LET IT GO ALREADY!”

  1. melissa1970 Says:

    AMEN (from the top deck!)

  2. patrowland Says:

    there is a lot of wisdom in that. Mixed feelings with this because I feel like the days are passing all to quickly, and yet there are days that I wish would pass faster. Great post.

  3. Melissa and Jenni – thanks – that’s how I felt!!

    Pat, good point, brother. Volunteering at field day with hundreds of kids and parents today, I’m really relating to your statement!!

  4. holly Says:

    Wow – look at all those details – it took me forever to see the point in your post! 🙂 j/k – you know I am “detail insufficient”…(and a bit envious of your romantic time – ah, that Charlie!). 🙂

    I agree with your thoughts; however, I have a hard time doing this. I think for me it is because I feel like I need closure on so many issues that it becomes hard to just let it go. I’m working on it and love the example of the sunset – an excellent reminder of not keeping score – I’m eternally grateful that Jesus doesn’t keep score with me – I’d lose on all fronts!

    BTW: loved your previous post about your mom – what an awesome tribute to her – a bit disappointed you didn’t mention her dream car – what was it a chevy impala? 🙂

    Miss you girl!

  5. Oh, Holly, I miss your precious face! I’ll be sure to send my mother your comment. She just adores you and I know she’ll get a laugh out of that memory!

    And thanks for your honesty about this subject. I really do think it’s something we all struggle with. Sometimes, I process a hurt feeling to death. I just can’t let it go. Yes, I’ve come a long way on this one, but still have more to go!

    Love and miss ya, girl!

  6. Amen from Franklin… not exactly the top deck. i do wonder how people’s life would be different if they choose to “let it go”. life isn’t about keeping score!

  7. Love that, Ms. Franklin! You’re right, no matter the score, if you try and keep it, you end up the loser one way or another!

  8. OH MY GOSH….do I ever need to do this…ALL THE TIME!

    I just found your blog and wondered WHY I didn’t have you in my blogroll!!!!????!!!! So, you’re there now!teehee…. (and in my google reader-can’t believe I ever lived without that!!)

    GREAT POST and something I definitely needed right NOW.

  9. Debbie, you’re awesome! I LOVE reading your blog and all of your posts! Thanks so much for the positive words.

  10. mandy Says:

    i’m a little behind on my reading but had to say – LOVE IT. 🙂 first of all, love the beach and i am already so inspired by sunsets that the words from the captain are incredible. thanks for the visual.


  11. jamie willow Says:

    that is very cool. my captain of the last cruise I went on said “we have 32 newlyweds so if the boats a rockin…” you know how that one ended. not nearly as profound 🙂

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