Eve Annunziato

Gifted To Lead PART 2 September 25, 2008

I could talk about this subject all day.  But instead, I’ll just dedicate one final post. As a refresher, we’re exploring the book by Author Nancy Beach called, Gifted to Lead, an inspiring and refreshing journey in which Nancy poignantly explores the art of leading as a woman (Men, don’t stop reading, this will help you manage, teach, lead, and understand the women in your world more). The following will resonate with women and men of influence:

“I believe it is no accident that Jesus was the first rabbi to teach women, to include them in his circles, to give them a level of dignity and opportunity that had been unknown.  We’re told in the eighth chapter of Luke that when Jesus traveled around, he went in a community that included the Twelve, along with women who, in some cases, came from pretty shady backgrounds.  Imagine in that day, a little group of men and women, mostly single, traveling together from town to town. Imagine the rumors and gossip!  Yet Jesus was so committed to creating a new kind of community where it was possible for men and women to relate to each other as brothers and sisters that he was courageously willing to run the risk.  And, so was born a new kind of community, where in Christ there was no longer male and female to stand as a barrier that divided humanity.”
John Ortberg, Forward in Gifted To Lead

Wow!  I love that.  This week a wise man pointed out that at the core of who we are, man and woman, we are the same.  Jesus looked directly into our heart, not our sex.  Leadership is an act of the spirit, an immense responsibility, an earned respect, a presence, a skill not to be taken for granted.  After all, on some level, whether mother, wife, employer, employee, volunteer, homeroom mom, community group facilitator, friend or daughter, we all lead in some capacity.  Embrace it, enjoy it, and accept it.

“I challenge all leaders – women and men – to discover their unique style of leadership and then to live it out with confidence and passion.  The church and our world need all kinds of leaders!  When I see a man lead a team by building strong community, or a woman who displays amazing skills of strategy or vision, I celebrate.  Being true to how God made us makes leadership less of a burden and more of a natural outpouring of how we function best.”  Nancy Beach, Gifted To Lead

I’ll leave you with that.  It will have to be all for now.  I have to sew a flag costume that includes a red, white, and blue wig for my son’s history project this week.  If you know me, I give you permission to laugh aloud.  Alas, it’s time for me to lead this costume making undertaking (Pray for me!).


5 Responses to “Gifted To Lead PART 2”

  1. Charlie Says:

    More great words of wisdom, as always, Eve. All leaders would be more effective using these philosophies. Thanks for being willing to point them out!

  2. you so could have asked susie to sew that costume for you! 🙂

    just teasing, i should only volunteer myself, not other people, she’s just so dang talented!

    you’ve really made me want to read this book now. this is the 3rd great review i’ve read.

  3. Jenn Says:

    I am with Brandi – you are making me want to read this book! I love the idea that we lead in all areas of life. I think for a time period I fell into the trap of believing that leading was only in a church setting. In the last two years I have seen how I am able to use the gifts that I learned in the church in other areas of life like school and kids items.

    Oh – and I totally send anything that has to be sewn to my mother in law…she is so amazing!

  4. Bran – that’s funny. And, if you saw the final project (I just completed it) you would absolutely recommend that I give it to Susie! But, Charlie says it will be a memory. Oh yes, something the entire class will never forget!

    And, I’ll lend you my book.

    Jenn, great point. We really do use leadership tools in our everyday lives.

    By the way, I was about to call my mother-in-law who is very talented. But, Charlie talked me into giving it a try… Oh boy, why can’t I ever say “no” to that guy!! !

  5. holly Says:

    I didn’t read the post, but I’m sure it was great! – I just wanted to say “Hi”…miss you…and talk soon!

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