Eve Annunziato

Tired Of Being Tired? August 30, 2008

My husband recently got me very excited (no it’s not that, get your mind out of the gutter people!  That’s another blog topic altogether!).  It was after reading his recent post about being tired.   I think many of us are tired of being tired, tired of being status quo, and tired of mediocrity.

Today, I received a phone call from my best friend here in Nashville.  She said she was in the process of reading a motivational book when she started to think of me (it was at that point that I was flattered that I was in her thoughts!).  Susie explained that she understood that in the past I’ve been told I have a restless spirit and she said that although that description has hurt my feelings at times, she wanted to let me know she thinks it’s one of my positive attributes.  She proceeded to explain that my somewhat restlessness has me always taking risks, setting and achieving my goals all the while saying, “Okay, I’ve finished that! Now God, what’s next on my agenda to accomplish?”

I’m not sure if I can live up to her standard, but I accepted the kind words nonetheless!   Like almost all of you, I do indeed make a concerted effort to strive to achieve excellence – not always getting there but trying all the same.  Charlie’s below post, made me stand up and cheer!!

I think many people are tired…

Tired of the status quo…

Tired of average…

Tired of unremarkable…

Tired of the same old, same old…

Tired of feeling like there’s more…

Are you?

What if you took being tired of these things and used it to motivate you to change? What if you decided it’s time to…

break out,

step up,

take a chance,

be different,

dream higher,

reach higher,

be nicer, serve better,

follow your dreams,

and be remarkable?

Is an extrodinary life calling your name?  If so, isn’t it time to answer the call?


10 Responses to “Tired Of Being Tired?”

  1. Lori R. Says:

    I love your honesty, your wisdom and your sense of humor! Is an extrodinary life calling my name? Yes Indeed! I always hear this call for an extrodinary life at the start of the school year –any advice how to hear this call around mid Febraury?

  2. I hear ya, Lori!! I’ll post another pick-me-up mid-year. You make a great point, we do need this constant reminder to re-energize. I have to answer this call quarterly!!!

  3. fullofboys Says:

    Eve – your ‘restlessness’ is what encourages me most! I love how you don’t box God in but instead seek to hear what new things he has in store for you! I definitely get tired…but I find that in those moments of weariness it is because I do what I ‘think’ I should be doing rather that what God has in store for me at that moment!

  4. Thanks, Jenn for your kind words – they mean a ton!

    Great point, When we are obedient we are less weary. I love that!!

  5. melissa1970 Says:

    It helped me so much to hear/read the phrase “restless spirit”. That is me, too….very much so….always has been. I have had a friend or two in the past who’s lives are always same same same…..and they get frustrated with my restless spirit. Susie telling you it is one of your positive attributes, reached through to me and made me feel better. Thanks to you and Susie for that. And thanks to you and Charlie for having passion for other peoples lives. Be blessed right now!

  6. You’re the best, Melissa. I’m sooooo glad her words of encouragement helped you, too. Susie will be happy to hear that.

    Hope you have a very blessed week!!

  7. JudiFree.com Says:

    YES! Eve, this is awesome! I love the posts that get people moving, shaking and doing something. God has a great big life of FREEDOM for us and we need to get up and grab it.

    You are officially blogrolled!

  8. Very well said, Judi. I know you’re a mover and shaker and appreciate your positive spirit.

    Thanks for the blogroll!! I love reading your blog!

  9. Absolutely!!!!!! This is exactly where I am right now. However, it is propelling me to get up off my butt, stop whining and talking about it, and do something.

    Awesome post!

  10. I love it, Rachel.

    Thanks for your comment and honesty!!

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