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Compromise – But Why Should I? July 14, 2008

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There was a time long ago (okay, not that long ago) that I didn’t like to compromise. I didn’t care for the concept, the idea, the act because I thought it was a sign of weakness or a declaration of defeat especially in leadership. I had that, “this is my story, and I’m sticking to it” mentality. I felt I could balance the dichotomy of having a teachable spirit with out having to “give-in” or bend against my wishes. Have you been there?

However, after a few years of marriage, I realized that if I continue to think the “c” word was a bad word my marriage would suffer the consequences. Incidentally, the more I fail, the more I become a pragmatist and open to practical change. My wise and sweet-spirited husband kindly taught me the benefits of this “give and take” approach by leading through example. I began to mature in this area, and I would soon commence to appreciate the art of compromise is other avenues of my life. Eventually, I learned that it’s a sign of strength. However, there are still situations when we should NEVER compromise – and I thought my husband’s latest post (http://lifebarometer.wordpress.com) on the subject put it pointedly. Here are his thoughts; I would love to hear yours:

If you’re not very good at compromising, you’re missing out on opportunities to strengthen relationships and to make your world better than it is today. Compromise can improve your relationships because it shows others that you consider their side important. It assures them you take their feelings seriously. In business, if you’ve ever closed a big money deal, you know the importance of the “give and take” in negotiations. Most deals wouldn’t be done without some compromise from both sides.

Compromise is generally a good and productive thing. However, there are things you shouldn’t compromise. Hold fast to your morals and principles. Don’t compromise your core values. Your values determine your daily actions and how you conduct your life. Don’t change who you are to satisfy someone else if you have to lower your morals to do so. No deal is worth that. The goal in compromise is to create a win-win situation. Everyone should get something of value out of the deal. But how can you get value by compromising your core values?

The truth, I have compromised my values in the past, but now realize I was making the wrong kind of deal. No longer entering into that kind of one-sided deal is a skill I plan to work on and develop in both leadership and in Life!


3 Responses to “Compromise – But Why Should I?”

  1. melissa1970 Says:

    I love this post! (and you make me happy Eve!)

    Charlie is one wise man, and the 2 of you make an awesome pair to behold. I love learning from you both through your blogs, and in life.

    This topic speaks so true for me in my career…real estate is a field that unfortunately is tainted by poor ethics. I have vowed to not compromise my morals and ethics.

    I could however, do better at compromising in other areas of my life, where I tend to lead and be in control. I need to allow change in my heart and in my life in that area. Thanks for prodding me along…again. Love and blessings to you and your family today!

  2. Eric Says:

    What a great post! The true “art” of compromise
    does wonders for the relationship of my wife & I.
    I do also agree that compromising our values to futher
    our career or to please our boss only leads to
    disaster down the road. Sometimes this is not
    easily accomplished but we should stick with our core values always.

    Both you and Charlie teach us a lot by reading your blog. You make us think and you make us better people. God Bless you both!

  3. Hey Melissa, I love your point about changing our heart. That’s exactly where it starts – thanks for the reminder. I love learning from your point of view!!

    Thanks, Eric. We enjoy writing our thoughts and we enjoy hearing from you on your thoughts, too. Thanks again!

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