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Live It Up & Lighten Up June 30, 2008

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Charlie and I spent a wonderful week on vacation in Philadelphia and New York (my two favorite cities!).  While visiting my 92 year old Grandmother in her Assisted Living facility, we decided to turn on the video camera and capture these invaluable moments between Nan and her great-grandkids playing, interacting and talking.  For posterity purposes I even started to conduct an interview about my Grandmother’s thoughts on life- lessons and just living.  My Nan, a woman of great faith, integrity, and generosity, talked about loving everyone then proceeded to introduce us to her best friend there, Anne, who is 100 years old.  Being the producer that I am, I decided to turn the camera on Anne who is of strong mind, body and soul – and asked her the secret of her happy and healthy decade long life.  Here are her profound words of wisdom:
“Eat healthy, live it up, lighten up and drink whisky!” (you’ll have to excuse Anne, she was born in Ireland!). 

Live it up and lighten up – a useful philosophy for both life and leadership.  I feel as if I have really grown in this area lately.  I’ve been quite focused on all of our blessings and have felt more joyful in my personal and family life than in years past and I’m enjoying every minute!  As for my professional life, I’ve stopped taking my work so seriously and realized my career, although is valued, isn’t as important as my personal life (I had to learn that lesson the hard way!).  Funny thing, when I don’t let my work define me or become top priority, work is more enjoyable and I’m more productive.  The 100-year-old Irish woman reminded me that life is short and there’s no need to sweat the small stuff.  After all, we can’t control everything.   Try letting go a bit and being more carefree and see if that doesn’t result in more LAUGHS!

My practical husband, Charlie Neese, teaches how worry is a waste of time and robs us of joy if we don’t guard our heart and mind from this temptation.  Charlie points out the following truth about the number #1 theft of happiness:

Author John R. Noe, among others, wrote that out of everything we worry about, only eight percent is real and legitimate.  The rest won’t happen, happened in the past or is out of our control.  That means 92 percent of our time spent worrying is wasted.  Considering that most of the 60,000 thoughts we have each day are repeats from the day before, that’s a tremendous amount of time we just throw away.  (Charlie will share more about this subject on my post next week!).

Thanks for the reminder, Anne!  We’ll be sure to eat healthy, live it up, lighten up and well – let’s just leave it at that!


5 Responses to “Live It Up & Lighten Up”

  1. Holly Black Says:

    Glad to hear your trip was fabulous Eve! We are headed to Orange Beach where we certainly plan to live it up! I can’t say that we will be eating healthy, but we will be putting Jack Daniel’s whiskey in the burgers we grill for the 4th. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Anne’s words of wisdom. I am a type A personality and need help in the “lighten up” department. Happy 4th!

  2. Holly – you’re so great!! Have a BLAST! Drink, I mean eat one for me!! Have a great holiday and safe travels!

  3. Eric Says:

    Good words of wisdom! I have a 91 year old
    Grandmother that lives just down the road from
    us. We always look to her for practical thinking
    and “Independence”! (The most independent person
    I know!)

    This is a good lesson for us that need to “lighten-up”
    a little more. I’m sorry to say that I am not nearly as
    practical as my Grandmother or Charlie! I have a terrible
    sign in my office at work that says: I HAD A LIFE BUT MY JOB ATE IT! Pray that it turns around! It would make my wife happy!

    HAPPY 4th!

  4. loridknerr Says:

    I’m glad you guys were able to get away for some fun and family time!

    I love the advice that the older generation gives – I hear it all of the time when I’m back home. Many times I’ve heard my relatives say to not worry, live for each day and also let go. I think that one thing I will add to the list, too, is slow down. Now, I can add “live it up” to the list, also. My grandfather also believes in the healing power of red wine. Whiskey must work pretty well, too!!

    Great post!

  5. Eric – I’ll be praying for you. I can really relate to your issues. I, too, am not as practical as my commonsensical and patient husband!

    Lori – You’re right, we need to listen to our elders and learn from their experiences and wisdom. I find when I slow down; I have more time to LISTEN! Oh, and I’m with your grandfather about the red wine (After all, I’m Italian!).

    Thank you both for your posts!! I love to hear your thoughts…

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