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Catching People In The Act! March 3, 2008

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‘Catching people doing things right is a powerful management concept. Unfortunately, most leaders have a genius for catching people doing things wrong. I always recommend that leaders spend at least an hour a week wandering around their operation catching people doing things right.’ Ken Blanchard, Leadership Smarts.’
Imagine if every CEO, Vice President, Boss, and Department Head adhered to Ken Blanchard’s advice. The ‘work-place’ would be more like a ‘doesn’t feel much like work place’ – a celebratory atmosphere where we reinforce the positive, strive toward the vision and excel with excellence.

‘Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…’ 1 Thessalonians 5:11
It wasn’t too long ago when my 8-year old son’s teacher told me that after a child in his class started to cry and was frustrated with an assignment, Gentry went over and gently gave him a hug and quietly helped him finish his project. During our commute home, I celebrated Gentry’s act of kindness explaining that I was not only proud of his humble leadership but also his display of grace and mercy. Gentry beamed, he glowed, and he smiled joyfully while hearing genuine positive feedback. Although I was authentic in my praise, I unmindfully motivated my son to continue to make loving choices. For most of us, praising our kids comes naturally.
Funny thing, words of affirmation never grow old no matter our age. Nothing exhausts a team member more than when a supervisor only points out mistakes – it’s demeaning, demotivating, and discouraging. Recently, I was asked to recruit a team of volunteers to help prepare an Easter Dinner for over 40 folks serving at our church during the biggest ministry weekend of the year. Yes, these volunteers get the big picture, but regardless, I know sacrificing time from family during a holiday isn’t easy. Personally, I’m already making plans to insure that every team member knows he/she is appreciated and treasured. Whether a goodie-basket, gift-card, hand-written note – I want all of them to know I’m proud to serve by their side.
‘I firmly believe that providing (positive) feedback is the most cost-effective strategy for improving performance and instilling satisfaction.’ Rick Tate
After all, it takes very little time, it takes very little effort, and it costs nothing, yet in the end if gone unrecognized, it can cost you EVERYTHING as a leader. Take time this week to develop the team players surrounding you by catching them in the act of doing something right.
Continuing on this positive note, I want to personally thank all of you who have responded to my blog or sent me encouraging emails – your feedback is very well appreciated. I’m passionate about healthy dialogue discussing leadership smarts! Until next week


2 Responses to “Catching People In The Act!”

  1. luke Says:

    Great advice! It’s interesting how we’re quick to tear down and slow to build others up. Even more interesting is the more you build up, the more successful you are as a leader. Why don’t we do this more? Thanks for the post!

  2. Eric Says:

    Thanks A Lot! I supervise more than 60
    people in my work. It is always a good
    reminder not only to point out mistakes
    but to encourage their positive points as well.

    Thanks for the positive reminder!

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